How can I organise a blindfold walk?

Blindfold walks can help anyone who has responsibility for or works in a street environment or on the highways, to have a better understanding of the mobility issues faced by people who are blind or partially sighted. This includes people such as MPs, local councillors and refuse collectors.

Sim-specs offer a great insight to the challenges faced by those with Sight Loss, you can get them from Visual Impairment North East. Participants can walk around wearing the specs allowing you to demonstrate the impact numerous obstacles and barriers in the street have on a persons ability to navigate safely. We recommend you have someone from a local society, local authority or RNIB train you in the use of sim-specs before you use them at an event. 

If possible, try to get a group of people with different experiences of sight loss together to give a more balanced view of navigation and mobility. Whilst the sim-specs can simulate sight loss, they don’t explain everything.

Blind and partially sighted people have different experiences of navigating through streets depending on factors such as their sight condition, their age, what mechanisms or aids they use, and how long they have been living with sight loss.

Further information can be found in our Who put that there? Street charter toolkit:

If you require further advice and support contact our Helpline:

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