How can I get help from my council to stay independent?

If you live in England or Wales your local authority's community care team (also called social services) can provide specialist help to people with sight loss.

If you register your sight loss with them, they should contact you to arrange an assessment of your care needs. However, you can also contact them and ask for an assessment.

Your local authority should be able to provide both rehabilitation training and longer-term, ongoing social care depending on your needs.

Rehabilitation training, delivered by a specialist rehabilitation worker, can help you to relearn important everyday tasks like getting out and about, getting dressed, cooking and cleaning. If you need ongoing help with these tasks, your local authority will include this in your care plan.

You may have to pay for some of this care, depending on where you live. If you are unhappy with the services you have been offered, or how much you have been asked to contribute towards the cost, you can make a complaint. 

For more information about community care and other services that are available please contact our Helpline:

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