How do I make my computer accessible?

If you have difficulty using a computer because of your vision, there are a number of things you can do:

In-built accessibility options

Check out the accessibility options available within the operating system. You can use these to change the size and colour of things on the screen to make them easier to see, or perhaps even speak them so that you don't have to use the screen. These options come with the computer and are therefore free. All you need to do is find them and turn them on!

Free accessibility software

If the options within the computer aren't enough, you can download free accessibility software software that can magnify or speak the screen contents. It will be limited, but it may be enough to allow you to write documents, send and receive emails and surf the web. We've gathered some information on the more popular free assistive technology applications to help you decide if one of them may be what you need.

Paid-for accessibility software

If none of the free stuff works, there are a number of products you can buy. Paid-for accessibility software usually has more features and better support. Paid-for accessibility hardware includes high visibility keyboards, large monitors, and braille displays which can replace a monitor. For people in work or study, funding may be available to pay for this kind of equipment.

Information about various options for accessibility software is available in our Confident Living Technology leaflet:

For more information and advice please contact our Helpline on:

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