How can I cook food in my kitchen with sight loss?

When you have a sight problem or can't see as well as you used to, cooking can seem rather daunting. But don't give up! By adapting how you work in the kitchen and using special equipment, a great deal can be achieved.

There are many changes and adaptations you can make to:

  • shopping in supermarkets
  • labelling your purchases
  • lighting in the kitchen
  • colour and contrast
  • peeling and chopping techniques
  • using gas and electric cookers.

For details, see our webpage on Cooking.

We have produced a factsheet on cooking with lots of information about making these changes:

The RNIB online shop sells some useful gadgets for the kitchen and for other parts of the home.

You may also find our information and advice on using magnification helpful for when you are working in the kitchen.

Choosing an appliance

Thomas Pocklington Trust and Rica have produced a great guide called 'Choosing cookers, ovens, hobs and microwaves' which is available to download:

You can also request a copy by contacting Thomas Pocklington Trust on:

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