How can I find items when shopping at a store?

If you are blind or partially sighted finding the items you need, reading labels or checking products are fresh, might not be an easy task especially in a busy store. 

Supermarkets, department stores and other shops should be able to provide you with a customer service assistant to accompany you around the shop and help you find what you need, by reading labels and providing essential information like use-by dates. If possible, it's a good idea to avoid busy times so the assistant is able to give you more time.

You may also find it easier to locate items if you return to the same shop regularly, as you will become familiar with where things are located. You will also get to know the staff, which will make it easier for them to support you with your shopping and they will become familiar with the level of support you need.

Many people use magnifiers whilst shopping to make it easier to find items. Our Helpline can give you details about a range of different magnifiers and advise you on which would be the most suitable for your needs.

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To find shopping services and organisations that help blind and partially sighted people with shopping in the UK, search Sightline.

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