How can I improve the lighting in my home?

Everyone needs good levels of light and as we get older we need more. Did you know, by the time you are aged 60, you are likely to require three times more light than when you were 20?

Different eye conditions and reduced levels of sight are one of the main reasons older people fall. Good lighting at home can help reduce this.

Lighting can be improved by:

  • plugging a table, desk or floor light into existing sockets
  • fitting bulbs that give more light
  • changing shades and fittings to increase light levels or change the direction of light to reflect from white surfaces
  • fitting shades that dont shield light

More information about using lighting is available in our Making the most of your sight leaflet:

We sell a large range of lights through our online shop.

Our 'Improve the lighting in your home' guide was written with Thomas Pocklington Trust. It highlights the importance of lighting that can help you create a safer home and allow you to make the most of your sight.

You can find out more about lighting in your home on our website.

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