What sports are suitable for blind and partially sighted people?

With some small changes, most sports should be accessible to you if you have sight loss. Most of these changes involve helping you to make the most of any remaining sight you have, using your other senses or someone giving you some assistance. For example:

  • runners often run with a guide, connected loosely by a length of cord or rope, to help with directions. You can find a guide runner using the Find a guide tool on the British Blind Sport website.
  • golfers get assistance from someone to ensure that their club head is positioned behind the ball before they swing
  • cricket is played with a much larger ball that’s easier to see and is audible
  • you can play football with an audible ball
  • you could try tandem cycling with someone who steers the bike for you.

Some sports have even been invented specifically for blind or partially sighted people, such as goalball.

British Blind Sport governs most competitions from local to international level.

Further information on sports and fitness can be found on our sports and fitness opportunities for blind and partially sighted people web pages.

You can also contact our Helpline:


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