How do I make a drink without spilling it?

Whether you are making a cold drink and want to avoid a spillage or are worried about scalding yourself when you make a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, knowing when to stop pouring can be a little tricky if you have little or no sight.

For cold drinks, some people just put one of their fingers inside the glass to let them know when it’s almost full, but obviously you wouldn’t want to do this when making a drink for someone else or when making a hot drink.

Many people find that a small device called a liquid level indicator is very useful when pouring liquids. You simply put the liquid level indicator on the rim of the glass, mug or cup and it will let you know when the liquid is near the top, so you know when to stop pouring. One version of the indicator makes a beeping noise and another version both beeps and vibrates.

If you’re worried about using a kettle to make a cup of tea or coffee, you could also try a hot water dispenser instead as the water won’t be boiling hot when it comes out.

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We've produced a top tips sheet proving guidance on making hot drinks :

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