How can I carry on playing football?

Football for people with sight loss can be adapted in many ways, by using an audible ball and standard five-a-side goals. 

There are two versions of football for people with sight loss:

  • Blind football: only totally or almost totally blind athletes can compete
  • Partially sighted football league: athletes with some sight can compete

While the core game remains the same as sighted football, there are a few alterations to make football accessible to people with visual impairments.

For players who are partially sighted, football is played by:

  • Using a smaller, size 4 football
  • Playing on an indoor pitch
  • Having 5 partially sighted players per team 

For players are are totally or almost totally blind, football is played with: 

  • 5 players per team; 4 blind, outfield players and 1 sighted goalkeeper
  • Ball bearings placed in the ball that make a noise when moving to allow players to locate the ball

For more information about taking part in football for people with sight loss, customers in England, Scotland and Wales should contact British Blind Sport:

Football fixtures

We produce an annual football fixtures magazine for English and Scottish leagues. 

English fixtures are produced in braille, large print, Audio CD, DAISY, MP3 audio files on USB stick and via email.

Scottish fixtures are produced in braille, DAISY audio, and via email.

All formats priced at £3.75 (UK and export). 


For more information and advice please contact our Helpline on:

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