What is a screenreader?

screenreader reads out what is on a computer screen, so you can still use your computer if you have very little or no useful vision.

If your sight has got worse and you no longer find that screen magnification software is suitable for your needs, you can try screenreading software.

There are a number of different screenreaders available, including some which are free such as NVDA and Thunder. Your computer’s operating system is also likely to come with a screenreader built-in. Visit our page on free screenreaders for more information on the range of free software available or see our Screen Reading factsheet: 

If you are able to read braille, you can also use a braille display. Braille displays are made up of a number of refreshable cells which allow you to read what is displayed onscreen in braille. You can read more about braille displays on our page on accessibility hardware.

For more information and advice on screen readers please contact our helpline on:

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