How should I charge my solar-powered watch?

Charging the watch

Your solar watch can be charged by solar (natural daylight) or electric light power and we recommend to charge your watch for three to four hours every week. When your watch is fully charged, it can run for up to six months.

If charging with a lamp, you should place it three inches (8cm) above your solar watch to generate the required 10,000 Lux (amount of light power emitted from bulb) to the watch.

When charging your watch, avoid it getting too hot as it could permanently damage watch.

When the battery is low

If the battery level is low the second hand jumps two steps every two seconds and all function buttons and the signal reception will eventually stop. The watch has a low battery alert and will make a beeping sound before it announces the time or date.

If the battery is not charged, soon after the hands will stop at the 12 o'clock position to save battery power.

It may take up to 90 hours to fully charge if the battery is very low.

Recharging time

The charging time depends on the strength of light applied and is measured in Lux (amount of light generated). From a low battery to fully charged is approximately:

  • 10,000 Lux (under a desk lamp) = 80-90 hours
  • 30,000 Lux (under direct sunlight) = 45-65 hours


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