What make or model of computer should I buy if I have sight loss?

Information about choosing computer equipment, and relevant assistive technology to help you use it, can be found in our technology Beginner's Guides.

If you would like some more 'hands-on' experience and advice then your local society with a resource centre or demonstration area may be able to help. Many local societies offer days where members are welcome to attend and try out new equipment and technology. You can find your local society on Sightline by entering your postcode and and entering the search words 'local society'.

Once you know what software works best for your needs, you'll need to check what operating system, memory and hardware your computer needs to be able to run it. Our beginner's guide to assistive technology has links to the websites of the leading software providers where you can find this information.

If you require further information you can also contact our Helpline:

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