What is Moon?

Moon is a system of raised shapes, which can help blind people, of any age, to read by touch. It was devised by a blind English man, named Dr William Moon.

The characters are made up of raised lines and curves, similar to the print alphabet, to create a set of basic shapes. These shapes are rotated or reflected to create the 26 letters of the alphabet and additional dots are used for punctuation marks and the numeral sign.

The Moon alphabet card shows the embossed Moon alphabet and punctuation marks, together with the print translation. You can order a card from our online shop or by contacting the Helpline on:

RNIB believe that there is a need for an alternative simple tactile script for people whose sight is too poor to use a print script, but for whom braille, even uncontracted braille, is not a satisfactory solution. However RNIB and other blindness agencies world-wide have serious reservations about the viability of Moon as this alternative tactile script.

We have decided to focus on teaching and promoting braille and other accessible formats. This is in line with other major blindness organisations world-wide. We are not planning to return to active production and promotion of Moon, though we will continue to offer products until stocks run out, loan adult books from our library, and signpost to practitioner experts and other resources. Please see our position statement for further information:

For more information on resorces in Moon see also "Do you offer any resources in Moon?"

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