My local authority has refused to carry out an assessment of my blind or partially sighted child’s special educational needs. How do I make sure my child is getting enough support at school?

If you have applied for a statutory assessment and it has been turned down, the local authority must write to you explaining their reasons for refusal.

They should set out the provision they consider would meet your child's needs. It may be appropriate for you to ask to meet with the local authority representative to get more detail as to how they feel the needs can be met. You also have a right to appeal. The local authority should give you the appropriate information and time scales.

The important thing is to meet with the school and discuss how they will put the recommendations in place to meet your child's needs.

If you need further guidance, in England every local authority must provide an Information, Advice and Support Service for parents of children with special educational needs in the event of questions or problems. Those living in England can also contact IPSEA Independent Parental Special Education Advice.

You can also find out more in our special educational needs guide.

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