My child needs support with daily tasks. Who can help?

Your child will benefit from access to a Habilitation Specialist (sometimes called Mobility Officer or Rehabilitation Officer) who can support in these areas.

Different local authorities provide mobility and habilitation services in different ways. Your child may need more intensive support from a Habilitation Specialist when they are learning particular skills, for example in the early years or starting school, and then need further periods of intensive work if they are changing settings, between primary and secondary school for example.

There may be times of less frequent or intensive work with a Habilitation Specialist in between. A programme of mobility and habilitation work should be developed by your local service depending on your child's needs.

Your Qualified Teacher of (children with) Visual Impairment (QTVI) is the best place to start regarding setting up mobility and habilitation support for your child. A referral to a QTVI should be made automatically by the Eye Clinic when your child is diagnosed with a vision impairment. 

If you need the details of the specialist teacher in your area, contact the RNIB Helpline on 0303 123 9999.  

Or, you can use our list of local offer contacts, services in England are required to publish a local offer of services to children with disabilities. RNIB has a list of local offer contacts for QTVI services available at

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