What should I expect from my blind or partially sighted child’s annual Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan review?

The annual review process for any child with an Education, Health and Care Plan is set out by legislation and local authority policies. The Qualified Teacher of Visually Impaired Children from the local authority's Sensory Visual Impairment Service can support this by submitting a report or attending the meeting.

The process will involve reviewing the needs of your child as set out in the plan. For a learner with a vision impairment, the key areas for consideration are most likely to be:

  • Identification and acknowledgement of the need for all materials to be provided in a defined format and the resources and staffing needed to achieve this.
  • Identification of staff support necessary to ensure health and safety and access to activities within the college, school or setting.
  • The need for a regular information and communications technology or equipment assessment, subsequent monitoring, training and evaluation of effective use.
  • Review of the need for habilitation or mobility training to develop independence and broader life skills that are specific to the difficulties due to vision impairment.
  • Identification of changes in the forthcoming year that will require new arrangements, such as different subjects, changes to the school environment, exams and tests.

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