What benefits can I claim to help me look after my blind or partially sighted child?

If your child has sight loss and is under 16, they may be entitled to Disability Living Allowance (DLA), a non means-tested benefit to help with the extra costs associated with having a long-term disability.

DLA is made up of two components, a care component to help with care and supervision during the day or night, and a mobility component to help with getting out and about. Each component is paid at different rates depending on the level of support required.

Because DLA is not means-tested, you can receive it regardless of any other income you may have. In some circumstances it can also increase your entitlement to other benefits.

To apply or for further information call the DLA Helpline:

  • 0345 712 3456
  • Textphone 0345 722 4433

Other benefits you might be able to claim if you are the parent of a child with sight loss include Carer's Allowance and Tax Credits (or Universal Credit if you are living in certain areas of the UK).

If your child receives DLA, your household will also be exempt from the benefit cap, a limit imposed by the Government on the maximum amount of benefits you can receive.

For further information and advice contact our Helpline:

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