I've had to pay towards my Council Tax, is this right?

Only certain properties are exempt from Council Tax, so it is very likely that you will have to pay some.

How much you have to pay depends on your circumstances. It is worth checking to see if you can take advantage of any of the four schemes below that could reduce your Council Tax bill. Although the four ways are not specifically for blind and partially sighted people, one or all of them may apply to you.

  1. Your local Council Tax support scheme that helps people on low incomes. This has replaced Council Tax Benefit.
  2. The disability reduction scheme.
  3. Single person's discount.
  4. Second adult rebate. 

We've produced a factsheet with more information on reducing your council tax bill:

For further advice and support please contact our Helpline on:

Debt Advice

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax or other bills/debts, see the Debt Advice page on the RNIB website for help finding an expert debt adviser. Council Tax is a priority debt, with potentially serious consequences for not paying. It is important that action is taken by the customer at the earliest opportunity to address any arrears or potential arrears.

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