What is Pension Credit?

Pension Credit is a welfare benefit available to older people over a certain age who have a low income. How much you get depends on your personal circumstances and the level of your savings and other income.

It has two components, Guarantee Credit (which is designed to top-up your income to a minimum level) and Savings Credit (which gives you extra income if you have saved towards your retirement). From 2016, Savings Credit will be phased out. 

You might be eligible to receive more Pension Credit if you are receiving certain disability benefits or if you have someone looking after you.

To apply you can cakk the Pension Credit claim line on 

  • 0800 99 1234

For information about your State Pension and changes in circumstances such as address and bank details please contact the State Pension / Pension Credit Changes line on: 

  • 0800 731 0469
  • Textphone: 0800 731 0464

The calculation for Pension Credit is complicated. We have written a factsheet that you can download that explains more about what counts as income for the calculation:

Working out how much Pension Credit you might be entitled to can be complicated. For more information on your possible entitlement and how to claim please contact our Helpline on:

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