How do I get rehabilitation?

The most common way to access rehabilitation services is through the process of registering your sight loss with your local authority.

You can also request rehabilitation by:

  • contacting your local social services directly, explaining that you are struggling due to your sight loss and that you would like an assessment of your needs
  • visiting your high street optician, who can give you an information guide called the Low Vision Leaflet (LVL), which includes a form you can fill in and send to social services to arrange an assessment
  • contacting your hospital eye clinic, whose staff can fill in a form called a Referral of Vision Impairment (RVI) which is sent to social services to request an assessment is arranged.

You can find your nearest local services on the Sightline Directory by entering your postcode and the search words 'social services' or 'local authority'.

For further information on registering your sight loss see How do I register as blind or partially sighted?

You can also contact our Helpline:

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