How do I return/delete books on RNIB Overdrive?

There are different ways to delete or return downloaded audiobooks on Overdrive depending on the device used.

Mac users (Apple mac laptop or desktop):

Audiobooks cannot be manually returned before the expiry date. The audiobooks will expire automatically once the 14 days or 21 days are up depending on what borrowing period you have set up. If you would like to return the audiobook before expiry, please contact the Overdrive team.

Android / ipod/ipad/iphone users who are not using a screen reader:

Go into the main menu, bookshelf and hold one finger down on the cover of the book you wish to delete, select the option saying 'Return to library' when it appears. This will delete/return the audiobook. 

Android smartphone users who are using a screen reader (Talkback):

Go into the bookshelf, double tap on the cover of the book or title of the book you wish to delete, until a sound is made to signify the options have come up. Then on the second tap, continue to press down and the 'Return to library' option will appear. 

iOS users who are using a screen reader (VoiceOver):

Go into the bookshelf, select the edit button and then 'Return title'. However, when in edit mode, the title of the book is not displayed and instead there is only a cover image. So, it may be difficult to know which 'Return title' button refers to which book if you have more than one title in your bookshelf. Once you have returned a title, click 'done' on the top right hand corner. 

Windows PC/laptop users:

Ensure the cursor or focus is on the book you wish to delete and press the delete key on the keyboard. Mouse users can also right click on the book and select 'delete'. You will then get a message asking if you are sure that you want to delete the book, select 'return/delete'. 

If however you have just borrowed a book and not downloaded it yet, you can delete/return the title within the 'Library account' and then 'settings'. 

All of the above details all also provided in our User Guide which we will send to you along with your log in details. 

If you have any issues with returning books or would like any more information, contact RNIB Overdrive

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