What devices can I use to play my DAISY CD Talking Books?

Our Talking Books come on a DAISY CD (normally one book per CD) or USB stick. DAISY CDs are made up of MP3 audio files plus extra features that the special players or software can make use of. These extra features include remembering where you left off with a book, bookmarking a section or passage, skipping to chapters or pages within a book and the ability to change the play back speed to suit you.

You can play DAISY CDs on a standalone DAISY player or by using DAISY software on a computer, both of which you can buy from RNIB. Read our guide to buying DAISY players and DAISY software.

Even if you don’t have a special player or software, your existing CD player may be able to play our Talking Book DAISY CDs.  You won’t be able to use the extra features that DAISY players provide, but you will still be able to play, pause, stop and skip forwards or backwards by chapter and the audio will also still be of the same quality.  

If you’re unsure whether your device can play DAISY CDs or not, just give our Helpline a call on 0303 123 9999 and we can advise you on a suitable player or even send you a Talking Book Demo CD to try out.

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