How long does it take to download an RNIB Overdrive book?

The exact answer to this will depend upon the size of the book you’ve chosen and the speed of your internet or Wi-Fi connection.  As a guide, it can take on average five to seven minutes to download a title. Books are divided into multiple parts which download automatically into your Overdrive App. You can start playing as soon as the first part is downloaded, and the other parts will download in the background. Because books are large files, we recommend that you only download books whilst connected to the internet or Wi-Fi. Once you’ve downloaded a book, you don’t have to be connected to the internet or to Wi-Fi to play it. With portable devices like smartphones and tablets this means you can enjoy your books almost anywhere.

Sometimes, the book doesn’t correctly download when the internet connection strengthens and weakens. This can cause parts to be missing or for certain parts to be downloaded twice. It is advisable to return the book and re-download it from the library.

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