What’s the difference between Talking Books on DAISY CD and Talking Books on USB stick?

A DAISY CD is a special kind of format CD that lets you have greater control over the audio books that you listen to, with options to bookmark your place, skip between chapters, pages and subsections, adjust the speed and volume of the audio and return to wherever you stopped reading if you change the CD or take a break. DAISY CDs can be played on standalone DAISY players or by using DAISY software on a computer. A DAISY player gives the added benefit of being able to move between different levels in a book, this is particularly useful for students using complex textbooks that have multiple heading levels.

A USB stick is a data storage device which gives you flexibility in how you choose to listen to your audio books. A Talking Book on USB stick can be played through a computer using your existing media software, or through a USB player – a much cheaper option than a DAISY player at less than £30. With a USB player you can move forwards and backwards, just like a cassette recorder.  You can also bookmark several USB sticks at any one time. So if you want to have lots of books, newspapers or magazines on the go at any one time, you can save your place on each USB stick. 

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