Can I donate used stamps to RNIB?

We accept both British and overseas stamps. It doesn't matter if they have already been used, or if they are everyday first or second class stamps - they can all be used to raise money for RNIB!

Please cut the stamp off the envelope and leave approximately 1cm of envelope bordering each stamp - this will help our volunteers organise them later. The rest of the envelope can be discarded (which will make it cheaper to send).

Please separate the stamps into:

  1. British.
  2. Overseas - Jersey, Guernsey, Eire and Isle of Man are classed as overseas.

And send them to:

  • RNIB Stamp Recycling, Xchange Master Ltd, 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR

You can also complete an online form to order up to 10 pre-paid envelopes and stamp collecting boxes which can be placed around schools, libraries and offices.

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