Can I get more information about cataracts?

Cataracts are a very common eye condition. As we get older the lens inside our eye gradually changes and becomes less transparent (clear). A lens that has turned misty, or cloudy, is said to have a cataract. Over time a cataract can get worse, gradually making your vision mistier. A straightforward operation can usually remove the misty lens and replace it with an artificial lens to enable you to see more clearly again.

If the customer is a parent with a child that has been diagnosed with a cataract then refer to our information on congenital cataracts.

We have produced a detailed leaflet, part of our Understanding series, on cataracts:

We also have the leaflet in Welsh, which is currently only available as a PDF:

For further advice and information about cataracts and other eye condtions please contact our Helpline on:

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