My child’s school is not providing the support recommended by the Sensory Visual Impairment Service. What should I do?

The advice from the Sensory Visual Impairment Service is essential in providing your child’s school with information on how best to support their visual difficulties and to ensure that they have full access to the curriculum.

If you feel this is not in place, request a meeting with the Special Needs Coordinator, Visual Impairment Service and the class teacher or Head of Year. Ask for a copy of the child's record of progress or plan for support. The record should reflect the Visual Impairment Service's advice with clear actions as to what should be put in place and who is responsible for it.

Your child's input can be very powerful - get them to record or write down their concerns. If you have ideas about steps that would improve your child’s situation, or solutions, do suggest them as this can be a positive contribution.

Not all of them may be possible, but it may help to start conversations about improvements. Ask for a review in a few weeks time to check on the progress. Take notes and write up what was agreed, and then send this to all those present at the meeting. If necessary copy in the Head Teacher and the local authority.

If you need further guidance, in England every local authority must provide an Information, Advice and Support Service (IASS) for parents of children with special educational needs in the event of questions or problems. You can find your nearest service on the IASS website:

Those living in England can also contact IPSEA - Independent Parental Special Education Advice.

Guide Dogs also provide an education support service which can give you advice about rights for children with sight loss in education which can be found on Guide Dogs children and young peoples services and support webpages.

For further support in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, email our CYPF team

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