Are you having issues accessing our online library catalogue with a screenreader?

We have recently been made aware that our online Library catalogue may not be compatible with current Keynote software found on Humanware Braille displays; HIMS built products; Guide, and perhaps some other screenreading technologies. We sincerely apologise for this. We have spoken to the various companies involved and no immediate positive solution has presented itself, although we are committed to continuing dialogue on this matter.

RNIB strives to deliver the most accessible solutions possible; technology, however, is continually changing and offering more capability that, in turn, can deliver more benefits for customers. Unfortunately, especially where the internet is concerned, some browsers, screenreaders and notetakers may not be supported by newer web implementations across the board (this will be the case with many websites, not just the library catalogue).

We do not believe that this issue will affect many customers, but if you are experiencing problems and you need advice on potential upgrades, or methods that will work effectively to enable you to independently access the online catalogue please contact our technology helpline by phoning 0303 123 9999 and we will support you as best we can.

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